RLE Procedure

Although RLE is a sophisticated micro-surgical process, it is relatively simple for those undergoing treatment. Patients relax in a surgical bed and can be sedated with oral medications, if necessary. Only the tissue around the eye is numbed for surgery.

The procedure is performed under a high power microscope and involves two stages: first, the eye’s natural lens is removed. Second, an artificial lens is inserted to correct the eye’s focusing power. The lens implant is positioned inside the thin, membrane capsule, where the original lens used to be. Unlike bifocal glasses, where focus changes depending on the area of the lens you look through, multifocal lens implants provide several zones of focus simultaneously. The brain then selects the focus needed for the task at hand and disregards everything else. Also, the opening into the eye is so small that it usually heals without any stitches.

Natural lens removal

After making a small micro-incision in your eye. Your surgeon will insert a probe to break up and remove your old natural lens.

Lens Insertion

The flexible IOLs is folded up and inserted into the lens capsule, at which point it opens, and its haptics, or “arms,” unfold to keep it in the proper position.

Vision Restored

With the natural lens removed, and the IOLs in place, light can once again travel unimpeded to the back of your eye, for clearer, more youthful vision.